Concrete & Mulch

Playground Mulch & Concrete Installation for your Midwestern Township

Purpose TnE specializes in quality playground mulch and concrete installation services for communities throughout the Midwest. For over 12 years, our team of contractors has been the top choice for commercial clients when looking to start a playground project for public use. One of the most important decisions that come with installing a playground set is the concrete foundation and mulch platform options that are unique to each playset. Keep reading below to learn more about our concrete and mulch customization options and to receive a free estimate, give our team a call with your ideas for your next playground project.

Playground Mulch Installation

Are you looking to add a public playground set to your local community? At Purpose TnE, our contractors have years of experience providing expert mulch installation services for commercial playground sets throughout the Midwest and southern states. Our playground mulch is crafted from wood and rubber and come in a wide variety of customizable options depending on your specific needs. Safety is our number one priority when choosing foundations for our playground projects, that’s why we only have access to top-quality products on the market that are non-toxic, odor-free, and affordable for all commercial budgets. Our mulch installation includes anywhere from 6-12 inches of mulch for impact and environmental protection. Reach out today to learn more about our commercial mulch services.

Customizable Mulch Playground Platforms

Mulch is a huge factor in commercial playgrounds not only for aesthetic reasons but for keeping children safe from falls. At Purpose TnE, we work with our clients to get an idea of the type of foundation they are looking for while working with our suppliers to provide a variety of customization options. Whether you’re looking for standard wood fiber mulch or are wanting rubber mulch for guaranteed protection on impact, reach out to our team to learn more about our customizable mulch options. From colors and specific types of applications, you can choose the platform of your community’s playground before breaking ground.

Commercial Concrete Installation

At Purpose TnE, our contractors specialize in commercial concrete installation for townships and communities in the Midwest and southern states. Installing a concrete platform for your public playground is one of the most important decisions when planning your upcoming project. Our team with help you determine the depth needed to create the proper platform for your playground set and walk you through our leveling process to ensure the quality and stability of your custom playset. Customize your concrete foundation with specific measurements and colors with help from our team and grade A suppliers. To learn more about our concrete services, call our contractors at (217) 622-1125.

Commercial Concrete Excavation Services

Our contractors will ensure the quality of your playground installation from start to finish. We’ll start by excavating your project site with ground leveling accuracy before laying the chosen concrete mixture for the foundation of your playset. This is an intricate process that can only be completed by experienced and trained professionals like our team at Purpose TnE. We use grade A technology and techniques to test the quality of your soil and ground firmness before beginning the excavation process. Reach out to our contractors to learn more about our commercial concrete excavation services for your community.